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When we first launched this magazine almost 14 years ago, our goal was to help Atlanta homeowners find and hire reputable home improvement companies. (And it still is! We do that and so much more for our readers!) But back then, how else would homeowners find great companies? Google wasn’t even really a “thing” yet, let alone smartphones and apps.
Not so these days! There are now loads of great online tools and apps that can help even a novice navigate the complicated waters of home improvement projects. Some of these are free, some are just a few dollars. But when it comes to saving you time and money—all are worth their weight in gold! Here are a few:
RoomScan: This is some truly Star Trek stuff. By simply touching your phone against each wall, this neat app will draw your room’s floor plan…all by itself! $4.99,
iHandy Carpenter: This is actually a “suite” of apps that comes with five tools: a plumb bob, surface level, bubbler level bar, ruler and protractor. Cool! $1.99,
iScape: This one’s fun! Take a photo of your yard and drag and drop all kinds of landscape elements on it. It’s a neat way to “test drive” everything from trees to different color mulch and it can help you envision the landscape of your dreams! Free,
Pro Project Planner: This is the “kitchen sink” of all home improvement apps. It includes augmented reality visualization tools (which allows you to superimpose images into a live photo) for your  home, the ability to check status on the project in real time and it even helps estimate costs and plan budgets! $4.99,
Adornably: Apps can do more than measure…they can help you visualize. This cool app uses augmented reality and allows you see how a specific piece of furniture might look like in your home and much more. (The 2015 edition is coming soon, but if you want to try the beta version you can email them at [email protected])
Lowes/Home Depot: Both big box stores offer a free app that helps you find what you need…in those big box stores. Right down to the aisle number and bay! Free, Search for Lowes and Home Depot at
TapPainter: Imagine being able to see exactly how a paint color will look in your home. With this clever app, you can do just that. Simply drag and drop the colors you want to see right onto the wall of any photo you take in your home. Instantly, you’ll see how that specific color looks on that specific wall! $2.99,
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