Three Budgets, Three Rooms

Styled By: 
Designer Kerry Howard of KMH Interiors
Bedroom Design

One of the most common objections we hear about hiring a designer is “I wish I could, but they are way out of my budget.” And to that we say – you have been watching too many million-dollar real estate shows. Because great design can happen in any home, at just about any budget. Here is just one small sampling from designer Kerry Howard of KMH Interiors. They’re proof-positive that you can achieve fabulous style on budgets of $20,000 or less. 

$10,000 Design Makeover
Kerry Howard: “Last year I did a project for a client who lives in a Buckhead condo. He called me up and said, “Can you a do a bedroom for $10,000 and that’s it?” I said, “Yes sir!” without hesitation. We did custom bedding, a custom bed and custom wall coverings from England. The inspiration for the whole room came from those amazing wall coverings.”

$15,000 Design Makeover
Kerry Howard: “I did a dining room in Crabapple that was very fun, and right at $15,000. We created custom chairs out of coffee bags. A friend of mine in Alabama makes luggage from coffee bags as a charity to provide work for women who are starting over with their lives. After hearing about her work with the coffee bags, I learned how to get the bags to apply them to different pieces. The chairs had linen backs that my upholsterer removed and then added a different coffee bags for each chair.”

$20,000 Design Makeover
Kerry Howard: “We recently did a project for a client who lives at the Ritz Carlton residencies in Buckhead. We did the living room, which was right at $20,000. It was a great project because the client is a doctor in Alabama and he wanted to stage the property because he was going to flip it. We did the entire space for him and he was able to sell it the very next week. This color scheme was fun!  We typically don’t get to use fun colors like this sort of purple. I based my whole color scheme off of the Kardashians.  I imagined that this is where the Kardashians would live if they came to Atlanta; I wanted it to be Ritz Carlton chic.” 

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