Before & After

Atlanta Home Improvement magazine 2014 "Best of" Contest Judges

As you flip through the "Best of" Contest winning projects, you may be wondering who were the decision makers. Here are our fantastic judges, all of whom bring loads of experience and impeccable taste to this contest.

View of kitchen backsplash, cabinets and vent hood

It’s the heart of the home. It’s where everyone gathers during a party. It’s also one of the most commonly renovated rooms in the house. Check out the stunning before and afters kitchens we received for this year’s contest!

Bathroom room remodel with new tub and shower

From yuck to aaah. In 2014, all across Atlanta, homeowners were transforming their ugly bathrooms into beautiful spa-like escapes. Look through these photos and get a little serene inspiration for your own home.

View of master suite through hugh walk-in closet

Kid-free room. Grown up getaway. No matter what you call it, the Master Suite should be your palace within a palace.  Take your cues from the “sweet” Master Suite renovations you see here and carve out your own private zone.

View of updated kitchen

Sometimes you just have to start over. Rather than chip away at a sub-par home, room by room, these homeowners just hit the reset button. With jaw-dropping results!  Flip through and find ideas for upgrading your own home…even if you do it a little bit at a time. 

Beautiful elevator

Think this is a lakeside lighthouse? Gotcha! Lurking underneath this nautical design is a fully-functional elevator. These homeowners cleverly turned a mechanical feature into an elegant design accent! 

Beautiful outdoor living arrangement

The judges said “This looks like the kind of house the movie people pick to show where the rich people live.” And we couldn’t agree more. Look at these photos and see if you can’t find some ways to upgrade your own backyard!