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Expert Tip Monday: How to Plant a Successful Container Garden



This is one of our most exciting expert tips yet!
Because not only is Lynn Coulter, seasoned gardener and writer for The Home Depot's Garden Club, contributing a blog tip for us...she's agreed to answer gardening questions LIVE for our readers! 

On the evening of August 6, Lynn will be fielding your questions about summer gardening. She'll teach us all how to keep your your garden and lawn healthy during punishing Atlanta summers, how to refresh annuals, how to plan fall tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and much more!  This is a FREE webinar and Lynn is so smart and funny and helpful, you'll be a much better gardener by the time the webinar is done. Register right now! Seating will be limited!
Just how garden-wise *is* Lynn? Here's an excerpt to her Garden Club blog post about how to grow a successful container garden...
Tips for Growing a Container Garden of Hot and Cool Colors

  • Use plants that have similiar light and watering requirements. Flowers that can tolerate some heat and drought, like lantanas, won’t be happy if you drench them when you’re watering thirstier pot-mates.
  • Fill your container with good quality potting soil that contains a slow-release fertilizer. Some potting soils also contain particles that retain moisture, so you won’t need to water as often.
  • Keep flowers deadheaded so the blooms keep coming. (Some flowers, such as impatiens, are self-cleaning, and don’t require much care. Others can be pinched or pruned back to encourage re-blooming.)
  • Aim for a mix of plants that bloom at different times, or flowers that have a long bloom period, so your container will stay colorful throughout the season. It’s fine to refresh your hot or cool container with new plants when your annuals begin to look tired or leggy.
    You can read Lynn's entire article here. And remember to grab your seat for the free webinar today! 
    (Container Garden photo courtesy of The Home Depot.)
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