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Expert Tip Monday: How to Upcycle a Suitcase Dog Bed


Couldn't you die? Look how cute!!

You know that thing your dog does when you start to pack? 

Being the perfect and brilliant species they are, they quickly figure out that s.u.i.t.c.a.s.e. spells "You are leaving me!" So they jump into your formerly-neatly packed suitcase and make themselves comfortable. And you almost want to let them pull off this stowaway act because you're going to miss them and wow, how cute do they look there?
So thank dogness the expert genius bloggers at have created a project that creates a more permanent version of this super adorable scene. They have posted a great little DIY project that lets you turn one of your old suitcases (or even a vintage one bought from a thrift store) into a stylish dog bed!
Here is all you need to get started...

And here are the easy peasy instructions from

Have fun and let us know if you 'improve your home' with this cute little project. 

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