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High traffic homes need floors that can stand up against those muddy feet and paw prints. Enhance Floors and More has durable laminate flooring, which mimics the look and feel of wood, tile, or stone, but with much less maintenance. The high-quality laminate of today comes in an incredible range of tones, textures, and plank sizes. From honey-toned to chocolate brown, there is a hue for every home. The choices don’t stop there, however, consider a smooth finish, realistic textures, even distressed and wire brushed looks. The possibilities are endless! 

The appeal of laminate doesn’t stop at flooring thanks to creative designers who are taking laminate and placing it in unconventional areas like the bedroom wall and more. Make a statement with this lightweight and affordable material. Inspiration soars at Enhance Floors and More with everything from an accent wall to over the fireplace installation. Laminate can complement any décor—from a cozy cabin to a modern home, let your imagination run wild!

Enhance Floors & More
1847 Roswell Road, Marietta 30062
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