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After installing flooring solutions for 30 years in over 5,000 homes throughout Atlanta, you might say floor design is in our blood and definitely our passion. Today, there are so many flooring options available, but carpet is the best choice if you want a soft cushioning underfoot.

Narrowing the choices in carpet alone still can be overwhelming. Do you want nylon or wool? Loop, pile or shag? What color? Do you want an “eco-friendly” product? And of course, what is your budget?

This is where our years of experience and expertise come in handy. We help with the selection process to best fit your needs—whether you have a toddler, pets or an elderly adult moving in, we can help provide the perfect solution. We assess what rooms will have carpet, how much traffic that area will see and who will be marching (or crawling) across the floor and these answers are key factors in deciding the type of carpet to recommend.

Rest assured, all of our installers have over ten years of flooring installation experience within our company so your carpet will be installed to your satisfaction. 

745 Atlanta Rd., Suite 112,
Cumming, GA 30040

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