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Friday Find: The Grill Dome!


What's hot and cool and durable all over? The new Grill Dome from Kolo Collection!

It comes in three sizes and 5 stylish colors. Here's how Kolo describes their Grill Dome:
"Grill Dome's Infinity Series is the ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE outdoor cooker. You can smoke, bbq, bake, grill and sear all on the Infinity Series Kamado Grill. The Infinity Series allows you to cook anywhere from 200 degrees to 750 degrees plus. The thick insulating ceramics hold heat more efficiently allowing for much more reliable temperature control while consuming far less fuel. The Infinity Series is built to be durable and lasts much longer than typical grills and smokers made of metal than last an average of only 3 to 4 years."

Starting at only $549, the grill dome is an affordable way to add a "tasteful" touch to your outdoor living area!

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