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Friday Find: Spiral Clothes Rack


We know that no matter what home improvement project our readers are working on this year - garden, kitchen or garage - everyone has a closet. (Dare we assume that many of us have a less than organized closet?)

Most homeowners would love their closets to perform better, look neater and store more for them. If a closet can manage to do all that, while keeping clothing organized and at their fingertips...that's a home improvement home run.

Meet the Spiral Clothes Rack from Rev-A-Shelf. Retailing at a surprisingly affordable $340, this cleverly designed rack can now make the most of every inch of your closet space. Especially those maddening corners!

Here's a little bit more about the product itself:

  1. 130lbs weight capacity for up to 40 garments for long, medium and short hanging
  2. 360° turning radius with adjustable height of 72-1/2" to 84"
  3. All mounting hardware included
  4. Closet Spiral Cloths Rack
  5. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  6. Perfect corner solution for closets

(All Photos Courtesy of Rev-A-Shelf, LLC)

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