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A Modern Way to Open Up a Dark Stairway


Want to open up the area in your home taken up by a staircase? Heavy wood railings and balusters of a stairway can block the sightline from one side of a space to another, making it seem smaller or darker than it could.


Cable Railing Staircase by Glazer Construction


When Glazer Design & Construction built their new Atlanta office from the ground up, they created a clean, modern look for their staircase using cable rail instead of balusters.


If you're looking to take a modern approach to a new staircase (whether it's in a room renovation or you're building a new home) cable railing is a good option. It allows the view of the entire room or outdoor space to be unobstructed. Cable rails almost disappear when viewed from a few feet away, creating the illusion of space and light, but they still maintain safety for those using the staircase.


Cable Railing Staircase in Office

Glazer Design & Construction
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