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Neat Product of the Week: Pebbles Unique Furniture


When we saw these gorgeous large Pebbles in one of the photos submitted for our modern landscape article, our first thought was "what IS that?" And our second: where can I get one myself?

Answering the second question is easier than the first, because Pebbles are...quite a few things. Here is how the company who sells them (AK Studio Gallery) describes them:

“Pebble” is an organically-shaped seating sculpture that is both furniture and art. It is a fusion of function and design. Pebbles are crafted in four contrasting materials:

  • Wood: organically shaped layers of plywood
  • Cast Stone: pure curves in all-weather lightweight concrete
  • Fabric: soft and plush with indoor and outdoor options
  • Fiberglass: smooth, vibrant, high-gloss and waterproof

Pebbles can be featured as individual seating sculptures or in groups to be arranged in many configurations; they become installationsof art in their assembly. Combining the different materials of fiberglass, wood, fabric and cast stone adds to the visual and material quality of the grouping."
Whatever you call them, we call them gorgeous.
Here are a few more photos of these interesting, innovative and wholly unique Pebbles.

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