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The Need Next Door: Neighbors Helping Neighbors


There's something very cool and very human happening in our town.

The East Lake area, to be exact. The official description goes a little something like this: "The Neighbor In Need mission is to help low income elderly living in the communities of East Lake, Kirkwood and Edgewood, East Atlanta and Decatur's Oakhurst Community make emergency home repairs. Repairs can include heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing and light construction like repairs to soffit, sheetrock, porches, flooring, etc. Basically, Neighbor in Need tries to tackle anything that degrades the quality of life for the homeowner or devalues the home."

But really? This a compassionate practice that's been around since civilization began. Its just plain neighbors helping neighbors. And its a beautiful thing. 

Jeff Whitehouse, Chairperson for Neighbor in Need Initiative of East Atlanta Community Association, tells us that they "...operate under the non profit status of our community association. Since 2010, we have raised over $95000 to help low income Seniors living in East Atlanta do free home repairs."    This Neighbor in Need concept originated in the Eastlake community by Kyle Caldwell, and he has since helped it grow to surrounding areas. 

Below are more inspiring photos.  We hope they encourage you to help change the living conditions - and life - of some very deserving, but not very able seniors. You can find out how to volunteer or donate at


Visit to help out now!

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