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Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser Simplifies Clean-Up


If you are seeking a smarter, cleaner and more efficient way to work in the kitchen, you may have met your match with the CLEANCut touchless paper towel dispenser. Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond in white, black or stainless steel finish, CLEANCut is powered by intuitive LED technology and a self-sharpening blade that is activated with a simple wave of the hand. Dispense and cut any length and brand of paper towel while avoiding cross-contamination and unnecessary waste. You can install CLEANCut underneath cabinets of any base thickness with the right fasteners and get helpful installation instruction videos on the product website.

CLEANCut touchless paper towel dispenserWhoopi Goldberg is apparently a fan of CLEANCut, which was featured on "The View" during a holiday gift segment on "As Seen On TV" products in December 2010. After learning about CLEANCut, Goldberg remained fascinated on the motion-activated kitchen gadget throughout the rest of the show! "Dr. Gadget" also endorsed CLEANCut on "Extra" and CBS's "The Talk." Does CLEANCut live up to the tag line "The Most Used Appliance in Your Home"? You decide.

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