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Walk on the Wild Side with Animal Print Tiles


What will they think of next? Imagine Tile has just released a collection of animal-print tiles that really give the product a great texture and color. Seems like a cost-effective way to get a high-end look. Maybe a snakeskin tile accent wall for a wet bar? Could be great for kids rooms too with the fun cow-hide or zebra pattern.

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Plus, the tiles are made with commercially rated ceramic, making them perfect for high-traffic areas and lots of wear and tear. The tiles are also eco-friendly, containing no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and are manufactred using pre-consumer recycled materials. Available in custom sizes for floors, walls and countertops, you can really walk on the wild side and get creative with these animal-print tiles!

Which animal-print tile do you like the best, and how would you use it in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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