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While security systems offer good protection, following basic home safety measures also is essential. The Electronic Security Association (ESA) suggests these tips for securing the entrances to you home with locks and lights:


Make sure that all exterior doors have strong deadbolt locks. They offer the best protection from picking and prying.
Use the locks. Always lock up when leaving the house, even for just a few minutes.
Select strong exterior doors and door frames made of 1 ¾-inch steel, other metal or solid wood, which can withstand more of an impact than hollow-core doors.
Secure the garage. Garages can provide criminals easy access to the home. Be sure to lock the door that leads from the garage to the main part of the home.
Secure sliding glass doors with bars or locks. A wooden dowel, baseball bat or broom handle in the door track can be a good alternative.
• Make sure your windows have good locks, particularly those at ground level.


• Make sure all porches, entrances and outside areas are well lit.
• Exterior lighting should be bright enough to illuminate an area of 100 feet.
• Use motion-sensing lighting to deter would-be burglars.
• Use timers to turn lights on and off while away.
Timers can also be used to turn on and off a radio or  TV to create the illusion that someone is home.
• Trim back trees or bushes that conceal doors, windows or exterior lights.
Never hide your keys under the doormat or in a flowerpot. These are the first places burglars look! It’s much better to give an extra key to a trusted neighbor along with your contact information in case they need to reach you.
For more information, visit the ESA’s new consumer website,

Key To Convenience

Years ago, keyless entry changed the way drivers opened their car doors. Today, that same concept is changing the way homeowners open their front doors. The SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt offers safe and convenient home access by providing homeowners with three convenient options for locking and unlocking their front door: a remote-control key fob, a keypad and a bump-resistant standard key.

With the press of a button, the key fob allows hassle-free keyless access to the front door from up to 50 feet away. A blue LED confirms the door has been locked or unlocked. Two key fobs come with every lock, and homeowners can order up to six more. In addition, a backlit alphanumeric keypad at the base of the SimpliciKey deadbolt can accommodate up to 16 personalized codes that can be created or changed at any time. With the keypad door lock, homeowners never have to worry about being locked out due to a lost key; entering their code provides immediate entry.

The installation of the SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt is a simple DIY project that takes about 30 minutes, and users can choose from three elegant finishes—satin nickel (shown), aged bronze and polished brass—to accent their home’s design. The deadbolt can be purchased at The Home Depot. For more information, visit


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