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Do your countertops need a little more cool? Could they be more adaptable? Maybe you just want to add some airy, beachy style to your decor?  If so, Construction Resources has you covered. They have recently announced that their supplier, Cambria, introduced 20 new colors, starting with Galloway in the spring, six more this summer and an additional 13 colors in September.

The new designs were added to Cambria’s Coastal™, Waterstone™, Jewel™, Marble™ and Desert™ Collections, so there is something to complement any design preference.

The following six designs, released over the summer, are just a sample of the beauty that Cambira has to offer. Two of the designs were added to the Marble collection, Fairbourne and Ramsey. These were inspired by the timeless look of marble and both strive to offer homeowners a level of performance and beauty while still remaining a low maintenance product.

Manchester, Dunmore and Kirkstead, the newest additions to the Desert Collection, feature monochrome finishes that lend an air of subtle sophistication to any room.

And last but not least, there is Nevern. The latest addition to the Waterstone Collection, Nevern embodies the ever-changing and unpredictable relationship between rocky shores and the sandy beach.

Check out all 120 of their designs online at ConstructionResourcesBlog.com or stop by the Construction Resources Design center to view and touch these stunning new surfaces in person! 


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